"Living Within Limits: A Colaboration With Nature"

A series of photographs documenting two artists journey to produce art from the earth, for the earth.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

© Shawn Gust 2008

The Background

This is a documentary project about two collaborative artists that embarked on a journey where they worked with nature, making art in nature much in the spirit of Andy Goldsworthy. The project was done for The Human Rights Education Institute and in connection with The Nature Conservancy. This project was demanding, yet very rewarding as a photographer. I was the lone photographer on the project. No assistants. 12 hour days, lugging heavy Pentax 67 gear (among other necessary equipment) around in waste deep snow at times, which, at other times, was slush. It was demanding physically and mentally, but it's what we do. The artists' projects often took an entire day to complete. Throughout the project I not only photographed, but I also assisted in gathering materials, discussing logistics, and aided in the creating process . On one particular day I documented and assisted in the making of a 6-7 foot handmade basket installation. It was quite and undertaking. I was not a major contributor to the art directly, but when I was asked to help it was quite rewarding. My job was to make not only photographs, but also a time lapse-based video project that, in conjunction with one another, made an interesting exhibit. This project is especially important because the art will be absorbed by nature and this documentary that I have provided is the only record of the experience.

The Photos